Monday, January 17, 2011

Shut up, I'm queen!

Hey, Hey, Hey!  ;)

In Russia, ended in the New Year celebrations! Yes, we love to get plenty of rest =)
While all set to daily work, I continue to relax ^____^
I listen to music on the player, look out the window as the snow falls, and I think of conquering the world :DDD And it makes me happy!

But be happy alone is not good.. Therefore, I give you a gift - a new set of accessories and clothes.

This extravagant clothes for bitches who love to be in the spotlight! :DD

This set includes: 1 everyday outfit (# 1), 2 formal & casual dresses (# 2, # 3), head accessory (# 4), female bag (# 5)
All clothing only for adults.


Download and be happy, my friends! <333

*click to enlarge*
DOWNLOAD:  # 1  # 2  # 3  # 4  # 5

  Thanks to Peggy, Justsims and glamorouslounge for that beautiful meshes!   
And thanks to Helena for the beautiful model Rihanna and to Kotangens for the hair retexture =)


  1. hey
    i love all of your creations. you are so talented. is the rihanna sim by helena available for anyone to download?

  2. Hey, stranger =)
    Thanks for the nice words about my creations!
    Yes, Rihanna by Helena, but i dont see her for available to download. I send to Helena email message - and she send me her)

  3. Wow this is excellent. So well done. Thanks.

  4. Excellent headbang! I fell in love with it. Thak you very much:)

  5. Anonymous welcome and thanks! =)
    LoWiSa aww.. so sweet.. thanks!

  6. OMFG! the Rihanna model is awesome *________*

  7. Hi, where can I ask this Helena for her Rihanna sim? I absolutely adore her. <3

  8. can you give me the link for the Rihanna model? I wanna download her!!!