Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm rich, I'm famous, I'm glitz

Good evening, bitches =)
I was silent for a long time ... I found a new job, I was very fascinated by it.
But I hope to find time to create clothes for the Sims 2) I promise! ;)

I show you my new set of clothes. Im glad you like it! Because I know what women want to wear! Believe me;)
If you do not like it - kiss my ass, bitch !  XDDD hahhahhahha

Now.. not about joke.. I want talk about big tragedy in Japan... 
I want to express my sincere condolences to all those touched by tragedy in Japan, as well as pay tribute to the many people who died.
Perhaps my words and does not help anyone. I just want to say that you are not alone and that many countries around the world have for you. We are together! After all, it can affect anyone! Japan, our hearts are with you!

Enjoy and have fun ;)

*click to enlarge* 

Thanks to Yana for beautiful clothing mesh ♥ 
All models by me ( Nina, Gisele, Stella ) 

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Shamsi time!

 Hey, my sweet bitches )

I'm back)) I hope you are glad to see me again ^_____^ Im right? :DD

As it was promised, i gave you to download my new model - moroccan  boy Shamsi )
I really like the dark skin! It's so sexy and beautiful  ;)
I hope you'll love him as much as I do! ♥♥♥

Download Shamsi and add to your game hot moroccan  sun )

Enjoy, my friend! <3333

*click to enlarge*
  cc list


Thanks to Ephemera, Aikea Guinea, Christin, Mouseyblue, Kayleigh, Helena and other creators♥

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shut up, I'm queen!

Hey, Hey, Hey!  ;)

In Russia, ended in the New Year celebrations! Yes, we love to get plenty of rest =)
While all set to daily work, I continue to relax ^____^
I listen to music on the player, look out the window as the snow falls, and I think of conquering the world :DDD And it makes me happy!

But be happy alone is not good.. Therefore, I give you a gift - a new set of accessories and clothes.

This extravagant clothes for bitches who love to be in the spotlight! :DD

This set includes: 1 everyday outfit (# 1), 2 formal & casual dresses (# 2, # 3), head accessory (# 4), female bag (# 5)
All clothing only for adults.


Download and be happy, my friends! <333

*click to enlarge*
DOWNLOAD:  # 1  # 2  # 3  # 4  # 5

  Thanks to Peggy, Justsims and glamorouslounge for that beautiful meshes!   
And thanks to Helena for the beautiful model Rihanna and to Kotangens for the hair retexture =)

Friday, December 31, 2010

▓▓▓ Happy New 2011 Year !!! ▓▓▓

There are only a few fleeting hours before the year is over, soon we shall raise a glass of Champagne with friends and family. A wonderous holiday, bring with it new opportunities, new challenges, renewed energy and virility, and a warmth of positive emotions. I congratulate you on the new year and wish you to celebrate this holiday with love in your heart. I love you with all my heart!


 I have a gift for you - a new set of clothes. These outfits will help you make your New Year a little sexy and naughty. I hope you enjoy! =)

You can find this clothes at bodyshop in casual and swim adult female categories. All meshes are included! 


*click to enlarge*
DOWNLOAD:  # 1  # 2  # 3

 Thanks to Siluetta and inbeatz  for that beautiful meshes!   

Friday, December 24, 2010

★ Merry Christmas to you! ★

Hey! Only a few hours till Christmas! Your Santa Lasky came to you with gifts! ^__^
Ho-Ho-Ho ...
This set of exclusive clothes will give you the Christmas mood! I hope you like my gift! 
Happy holidays, my honey! ♥

You can find this clothes at bodyshop in casual,formal,swim and underwear categories.
Male clothing does not include sexy feet. Sorry...
All meshes are included! 


 *click to enlarge*
DOWNLOAD:  # 1   # 2   # 3  # 4

 Thanks to Yana, Justsims and ulkrhsn for that beautiful meshes! 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Old stuff is here =)

Hi, my naughty boys and girls ^____^

I feel so bad right now.. but whatever, I want to share some of my old files with you... There're colourful retextures of Boyish hair by Nouk. Unique retextures for unique girls. Download it and enjoy! =)

Mesh by Nouk is included
You can see and download original hair here - Noukie Sims 2

*click to enlarge*

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Her name is Bianca ;)

Hi, my honeys!  Im glad to show you my new update. ^___^

Its Bianca - my new model. I love her so much and I want to share with you .

Download and enjoy, my sweet bitches ♥♥♥

*click to enlarge*

Thanks to qouture, Ephemera, Tifa, Bruno and other creators <33

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little gift for you ;)

Happy holidays, my lovely bitches! :*
There're only 10 days before the Christmas.. and I want to give you a small gift :)

This's my very first trying to create wallpapers, I'm so proud of it! Hope you'll like these wallpapers as well as me. This set includes 5 different striped wallpapers in christmas style. You must see ingame shots ;)

Enjoy :*

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some of my old stuff ...

Hi, sweeties  =) What's up? Hopefully your pre-Christmas days pass in a sober state and you still can see my post  ^___^
I wanna show you at this message some of my old clothes for adults female.  I'm glad to see your comment if you really like that :) Dont be lazy :)

So.. you can find this dress at bodyshop in casual,formal,swim and underwear categories.  
All meshes are  included! 

Enjoy and sorry for my bad english  =)

 DOWNLOAD:  # 1  # 2  # 3  # 4  # 5  # 6

 Thanks to Siluetta, chriko, Justsims and inbeatz for that beautiful meshes!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Welcome to the Lasky's Fashion !

 Hi, my honey bitches :** 
Welcome to my absolutely new blog ~Lasky's Fashion~! 

I guess some fans of TS2 are already know me, but if you don't - that's not problem. My nickname's Lasky, and im 20 years old boy.  I enjoy making sims, clothes and hair retextures for Sims 2, that's my passion. My previous works you could see at my old site - Soon I will post here something new. I hope you will like my blog and delight me with your visitings and comments =)
                                                                              From Russia with love, Lasky ♥